I have lived in Montana for the past twenty years, except for a few junkets to Colorado and Oregon while I gathered my twenty-something wits. But I always boomeranged back. Glacier National Park, with its craggy peaks, turquoise lakes, grizzly bears, and vastness, seized me by the heart and never let go. I’ve been married for almost ten years to my husband Erick. We love nothing more than to hike and ski together in deep wilderness. I have three ebullient, energetic children; George is almost nine, Sophia is seven, and Ella is two. I have been a writing teacher for the past twelve years. I am also a runner, a hiker, a gardener, a telemark skier, an avid reader, a blocked writer, and, quite possibly, a late bloomer.

It is ironic that I teach writing for a living, and yet, I do not write on my own very much, even though it’s almost always deeply satisfying for me once I sit down and actually do it. I find that between all of those other things that I do as a mom, as a wife, as a teacher, and as a person who cherishes down time and balance, I have created many excuses to avoid simply doing the work that I need and want to do. So, I figured that if I committed myself to writing a blog, then I would find the time and energy to write. Everyone in my life who knows me well (especially my sweet husband) agrees that I am much happier when I am writing. Don’t even get me started about how I get if I don’t exercise…

There have been a lot of changes in my teaching life this year, and I will often be blogging about it as I reflect on what is working in my classroom, what needs to be fine-tuned, and what is clearly not working. With middle school kids, the ‘not working’ part often leads me to a glass of wine in the evening! It is painfully obvious when the lesson has not been successful. However, I will also write about other topics that are near and dear to my heart, based on the life that I’ve created here that I never expected to in a small town in northwestern Montana. I am not one to map and plan; I rely on a combination of intuition, reflection, and serendipity as I navigate crookedly yet optimistically from dot to dot. Maybe you can relate. I hope so.

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